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“The Podkamieners” is a short film series on a group of related Holocaust survivors, who were forced to flee their small town of Podkamien, Poland and hide in the woods at the peak of WWII. Through a meld of animation and first and second hand accounts, each film is narrated by a different Podkamiener, creating a vivid spectrum of the war when watched together.

With such compelling narratives I knew I had the onus to bring equally compelling visuals to do these pieces justice... I wanted to create something new from something old, something bold, something that could bring a new generation into a world they could have never imagined otherwise. Something that they could understand and pass along through generations to come.

I wanted to animate the past.

Richard O'Connor, owner of Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., discusses the approach and style behind the animation of "The Podkamieners."