Company: NowThis | Credit: Producer + Editor

Who is? is an explainer series on Trump’s cabinet and closest advisors, voiced by celebrities.

I developed the series for NowThis in 2017 and led its production through Season 1. Under my supervision, Who Is? was the #1 news show on Facebook Watch. The show is currently in its third season.

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Who is Steve Bannon? Narrated by Rob Corddry

Finalist for the Online Journalism Awards |2017 Topical Reporting, Medium Newsroom

Who is Steve Bannon? Part I

Who is Steve Bannon? Part II

Who is Steve Bannon? Part III

Who is Stephen Miller? Narrated by Debra Messing

Who is Jared Kushner? Narrated by Justin Long

Who is Mike Pence? Narrated by Jose Antonio Vargas

Who is Jeff Sessions? Narrated by Michael Ian Black

Who is Betsy DeVos? Narrated by Rose McGowan

Who is Steve Mnuchin? Narrated by Chris Gethard

Who is Paul Manafort? Narrated by Myq Kaplan

Who is Rex Tillerson? Narrated by Hal Sparks

Who is Scott Pruitt? Narrated by Sasheer Zamata

Who is Ben Carson? Narrated by Aparna Nancherla